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Our Team

The floral artisans behind your dream design

Meet the heart and soul of Blosm – a dedicated team of Atlanta wedding flower designers, each an artist in their own right, passionate about crafting unforgettable experiences.
Team Leader + Event Designer

Jacki Fortunato

Jacki’s floral journey began two decades ago, inspired by her grandmother’s garden. Now, after crafting memorable moments for over 1500 weddings at Atlanta’s top venues, her artistry is recognized in publications like Martha Stewart Weddings and The Knot. Jacki’s designs range from modern elegance to textured garden bouquets, blending trends with timeless style. She’s dedicated to making each event unforgettable..
Chief Operations Officer + Event Lead + Designer

Kate Sacca

Hailing from Marietta, GA, Kate combines leadership, creativity, and impeccable organization. Since joining Blosm in 2020, she’s immersed herself in the world of floral design. While her artistry blooms with every project, her logistical brilliance ensures smooth, seamless events. Kate promises a beautiful, immersive experience for every celebration.
Lead Designer + Event Lead

Marcy Bope

Whether planning a lavish celebrity wedding or an intimate family ceremony, Marcy brings the same level of passion and attention to every event. A love for all things floral led her to broaden her understanding of the art form at the Career Floral Design Institute. Marcy has an intuitive ability to bring every bride’s vision to life, no matter the setting. With features in Southern Bride and Modern Luxury Weddings Atlanta, her designs embody a perfect balance of elegance and beauty.

Lead Designer + Event Lead

Kim Russo

Hello from Kim, A Lead Designer at Blosm who has found her true passion in floral design. With 18 years of experience in the wedding and hospitality industry, Kim has a keen eye for attention to details and a passion for creativity. Her artistry and leadership are evident in every wedding she creates. Kim takes pride in building strong relationships with her clients and going above and beyond to bring their vision to life.
Lead Designer + Event Lead

Itzy Lagunas

Itzy first started with Blosm when she was 16 years old. At first it was just a job for her teenage expenses, but the more events she worked, the more her passion grew. She was part of a dream team, and was helping execute a bride’s dream wedding. She is now 26 and her passion for this industry and her clients has grown beyond measure. Her absolute number one favorite part of designing is the reaction of her clients. Their gasps, tears and overwhelming appreciation always makes her feel like she is on the right path.

Lead Designer + Event Lead

Gloria Frattale

From crafting family parties to a career in interior design, Gloria’s creativity has no bounds. Joining Blosm ten years ago, she quickly rose as a top designer. Gloria’s expertise, from floral arches to grand centerpieces, is a testament to her commitment and eye for detail. A perfectionist, she’s every bride’s dream ally.

Event Lead + Designer

Tina Barker

Tina’s love of floral design was nurtured amidst a community of creatives. In her five years at Blosm, she has showcased her versatility, crafting designs big and small. Tina considers each wedding a privilege, and pours her heart into every piece. Her work has been featured in Southern Bride and Modern Luxury Weddings Atlanta. Outside of design, she indulges in adventures with friends and family.

Event Lead + Designer


Candace, a vital member of Blosm for six years, seamlessly merges creativity and precision. Her innate design talent and commitment to organization create a balanced blend of artistry and efficiency. Her warm, approachable demeanor ensures clients feel valued, and as an onsite event leader, she orchestrates flawless special occasions. Candace’s dedication shines in both floral design and operational management, promising a harmonious blend of creativity, organization, and unforgettable moments for your events at Blosm.
Event Lead + Designer

Anna Hanham

Anna joined the Blosm team in 2021 after 15 years of experience designing florals and decorating weddings both internationally and in Atlanta. She is passionate about creating beautiful and unique floral designs. She loves the opportunity to work with each client to create a unique design that reflects their individual style and personality. Anna began her career as a wedding decorator and florist in Europe. She quickly learned the ropes and soon became known for her creative and innovative designs. When she moved to Atlanta, she continued to design her own weddings with her family team before joining up with the team at Blosm.

Event Lead + Designer


Amber’s artistic journey with Blosm began eight years ago, and her talents extend far beyond floral design. As a multi-faceted artist, she not only excels in creating stunning floral arrangements but also demonstrates a remarkable prowess in graphic design, drawing, and painting. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for perfection, Amber takes on the role of an onsite event leader, ensuring every element of your special day is executed flawlessly.

Her dedication and organizational skills shine through as she seamlessly navigates both the creative and operational aspects of our team. Whether she’s orchestrating the logistics behind the scenes or crafting breathtaking floral designs.

Event Lead + Designer


With a rich two-year history at Blosm, Paige effortlessly combines her enthusiasm for perfecting event logistics with her design expertise. Her natural flair for design and unwavering commitment to streamlined operations create a delightful synthesis of creativity and efficiency. Paige’s warm and inviting demeanor ensures that each client feels genuinely appreciated. Serving as an onsite team lead while adeptly managing operations, her positivity radiates throughout, ensuring your experience at Blosm is characterized by a harmonious fusion of creativity, organizational excellence, and a welcoming spirit.