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What We Offer

Floral design services centered around you

With every twist of a stem and placement of a leaf, we’re narrating your personal tale. As artists of ambiance, we intertwine your vision with nature’s beauty, turning joyful moments into memories you’ll cherish forever.

Crafting your day with care

Your love story in full bloom

At Blosm, our floral design services are all about you, your story, and the unique atmosphere you wish to curate. With an extensive inventory, an award-winning design team, and creative intuition – we’re here to envelop your event in flawless floral luxury.

Floral Design

Our luxury floral design service goes beyond the traditional, ensuring each design aligns with your vision, be it modern, classic, rustic, or avant-garde. With Blosm, every bouquet, centerpiece, and floral arrangement becomes a work of art – a delicate dance of blossoms, where colors, textures, and fragrances work in harmony to evoke the atmosphere you wish to curate.

Floral Installations

From enchanting floral arches to mesmerizing ceiling décor featuring blossoming wreaths, sparkling disco balls, glinting chandeliers, and ethereal string lights, our event installations turn ordinary venues into dreamscapes. Our installations are more than mere decor; they’re a joy for the senses making every corner of your venue a focal point, a conversation starter, a memory.

Event Draping

Envision grand rooms transformed with the elegant touch of expertly placed drapes, creating intimate spaces and regal stages alike. With Blosm’s touch, every fold and fall becomes a reflection of your unique vision, a celebration of your story, and the perfect complement for the theme of your event. Let our drape designers shape your space with precision and care.

Other Décor

It’s the little things that tie any event together. Whether it’s the romantic glow of candles, the subtle drama of uplighting, the charm of lanterns, or the statement of a boxwood wall, Blosm has you covered. Let our award-winning floral and event designers source and set up every last décor detail, so you can focus on making memories.

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